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27 February 2020

Child Sexual Abuse and Crimes increase in the country- Sahil Cruel Number 2015 states

Islamabad, 22nd March, 2016: The fight against child sexual abuse is showing an increase in registration of cases. The total number of sexual abuse cases in 2015, stand at a staggering 3768 including 7 cases which were directly reported to Sahil and it brings the number of abused children to10 per day. This figure also shows an increase of 7% from the previous year.

The major crime category of rape/sodomy including gang rape and gang sodomy show that there were 1723 cases and 290 cases of attempted rape/sodomy, gang rape and gang sodomy. An even more serious crime is committed when the victim is murdered. A total of 97 victims were murdered after sexual assaults.

This year cruel numbers 2015 has been compiled from 84 National, Regional and Local newspapers. Gender-wise distribution follows trends of the previous years where more girls are victims of sexual abuse. This report shows that 1974 girls and 1794 boys have been abused. A total of 5483 abusers are on record. The largest groups identified were 1943 acquaintances and 829 strangers. Like previous years, the highest percentage of vulnerable age group among both girls and boys was 11-15 years. The research shows that children between the age brackets of 0-5 years, and up to 10 years are abused.  This year the data also shows that victims in the age bracket of 0-5 years, 6-10 years and 11-15 years are more boys than girls.

The data shows sexual abuse can occur anywhere, at any time, therefore children are not safe. Statistics show 44% of cases of sexual assault took place within enclosed areas whereas 21% case took place in open spaces. The time period of abuse shows that 73% of the children were abused once. In 13% of the cases, children were abused for more than a day.

Province–wise division shows that 2616 cases of abuse were reported from Punjab, followed by 638 cases reported from Sindh, 207 from Balochistan, 167 from Federal Capital Islamabad, 113 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 21 from Azad Jammu Kashmir, 3 cases from Gilgit Baltistan and 3 cases were reported from FATA.

More over reporting of cases from Islamabad Federal capital territory has increased by 85% recorded as 90 cases in 2014 and 167 cases in 2015. The Urban–Rural divide shows that 74% cases were reported from rural areas where as 26% of cases were reported from the urban areas of all the cases 68% were registered with police, 4% were unregistered whereas 9% cases police refused to register an FIR.

Abduction cases have shown a decrease by 24% from 1831 cases in 2014 to 1386 cases in 2015. On average 4 children are being abducted every day. Sahil has started recording child marriages since 2012 as it a sexual crime against young girls which is now being reflected in the print media. In 2015, 112 cases of child marriages were reported. 

Sahil Cruel Number 2015