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23 February 2020

5th Islamabad Literature Festival to be held in Islamabad in the second week of April

Islamabad: A three-day Islamabad Literature Festival aiming at bringing together Pakistani and international writers to promote reading and showcase their writings, will be held on Friday evening, April 14, 2017 at Margalla hotel, Islamabad.

This literary festival will bring a galaxy of literary figures, anchor persons, journalists and many literature lovers, together. Talks, interviews, panel discussions, readings, book launches, mushaira, author signings and book fairs are different events. Through these events the writers and speakers will shed light on multifarious issues.

According to the program schedule shared by OUP, the festival will kick off on Friday evening with the welcome speeches of the organizers, keynote speeches by noted writers A.G. Noorani and Sayeda Arfa Zehra along with a dance performance by Amna Nawaz Khan.  Also, there will concurrent sessions on multifarious topics ranging from the judiciary to languages/translations and book launches coupled with tributes to acclaimed writers. These sessions will be moderated by well-known writers and speakers including Muhammad Hanif, Mujahid Brelvi,  Zial-ul Hassan, Farzana Bari and Dr. Rasool Bakhsh Rais while politicians and writers including Raza Rabbani, Aitzaz Ahsan,  I.A Rehman, Masood Ashar, Zehra Nigah, Ayaz Amir and others will share their views.

On the second day, there will be more than twenty sessions in which more than 70 literary and political figures will share their views on topics like education, climate change, gender violence, law, poetry, heritage, culture, history, politics, and Sufism etc. The second day of the festival will end with an Urdu poetry signing event (mushaira).

On the third and last day of the literature festival, there will again be different sessions including book launches in which music, media, social media, literary figures, current issues, leaves of history, the relationship of media and politics etc. will be discussed in detail.  “Zara Hutt Kay” a famous Urdu program by Wasatullah Khan, Zarar Khuro and Mubashir Zaidi will also be held. Writers of a famous Urdu blog/e-paper including Wajahat Masood, Adnan Khan Kakar and Leena Hashir will also speak about social media.  The famous poems Shikwa & Jawab-e-Shikwa of Allama Muhammad Iqbal will also be recited by Sohail Malik.

In short, this literature festival will touch different aspects of our lives including politics, history, culture, religion, poetry, music, media and more. 

Naveed Hussain, Islamabad
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