Tony Awards Nominations 2023: The Complete List

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The nominations for the 2023 Tony Awards were announced Tuesday by actress Lea Michele, who is on Broadway in “Funny Girl,” and Miles Frost, who won the 2022 Tony Award for his portrayal of Michael Jackson in the Broadway musical “MJ.” Some segments were read live on CBS at 8:30 a.m. Eastern; Others were released via the live broadcast of the Tony Awards YouTube page.

A total of 38 shows competed for Tony nominations this year. To be eligible, the Broadway show must have opened between April 29, 2022 and April 27, 2023. This year’s awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 11.

“Some Like It Hot,” the Broadway musical version of the Billy Wilder film, received 13 nominations for no show. Musicals “& Juliet,” “New York, New York” and “Shucked” followed with nine nominations each. “Killing Eve” TV star Jodie Comer, who has never appeared on stage before, earned a nomination for best lead actress in a drama for “Prima Face.” Justin Cooley, a 19-year-old actor from Kansas, is nominated for his Broadway debut in “Kimberly Akimbo.” The full list of nominees is below.

“Ain’t No Mo'”

“Between the River and Madness”

“Cost of Living”

“Fat Ham”


“& Juliet”

“Kimberly Akimbo”

“New York, New York”


“Some people like it hot”

“A Doll’s House”

“Piano Lesson”

“The Sign in the Window by Sidney Burstein”



“Into the Woods”


“Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

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Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, “Topdog/Underdog”

Corey Hawkins, “Topdog/Underdog”

Sean Hayes, “Good Night, Oscar”

Stephen McKinley Henderson, “Between Riverside and Crazy”

Wendell Pierce, “Death of a Salesman”

Jessica Chastain, “A Doll’s House”

Jodie Comer, “Primarily”

Jessica Hecht, “Summer, 1976”

Audra MacDonald, “The Ohio State Murders”

Annalee Ashford, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Sara Bareilles, “Into the Woods”

Victoria Clark, “Kimberly Akimbo”

Lorna Courtney, “& Juliet”

Michaela Diamond, “Parade”

Christian Borle, “Some Like It Hot”

J. Harrison Nye, “Some Like It Hot”

Josh Groban, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Brian D’Arcy James, “Into the Woods”

Ben Platt, “Parade”

Colton Ryan, “New York, New York”

Jordan E. Cooper, “Ain’t No Mo’”

Samuel L. Jackson, “The Piano Lesson”

Arian Moyet, “A Doll’s House”

Brandon Ouranowitz, “Leopoldstadt”

David Sayas, “The Cost of Living”

Nikki Crawford, “Fat Ham”

Crystal Lucas-Perry, “Ain’t No Mo'”

Miriam Silverman, “The Sign in Sidney Prestein’s Window”

Katie Sullivan, “The Cost of Living”

Cara Young, “The Cost of Living”

Kevin Cahoon, “Shocked”

Justin Cooley, “Kimberly Akimbo”

Kevin Del Aguila, “Some Like It Hot”

Jordan Tonica, “Camelot”

Alex Newell, “Shocked”

Julia Lester, “Into the Woods”

Ruthie Ann Miles, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Bonnie Milligan, “Kimberly Akimbo”

Natasha Yvette Williams, “Some Like It Hot”

Betsy Wolff, “& Juliet”

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Saheem Ali, “Fat Ham”

Joe Bony, “The Cost of Living”

Jamie Lloyd, “A Doll’s House”

Patrick Marber, “Leopoldstadt”

Stevie Walker-Webb, “Ain’t No Mo'”

Max Webster, “Life of Pi”

Michael Orton, “Parade”

Lear de Pessonette, “Into the Woods”

Casey Nicholau, “Some Like It Hot”

Jack O’Brien, “shocked”

Jessica Stone, “Kimberly Akimbo”

David Lindsay-Abere, “Kimberly Akimbo”

Robert Horne, “Shocked”

Matthew Lopez and Amber Ruffin, “Some Like It Hot”

David West Reed, “& Juliet”

David Thompson and Sharon Washington, “New York, New York”

“Almost Famous,” music by Tom Kidd; Lyrics by Cameron Crowe and Tom Kidd

“Kimberly Akimbo,” music by Jeanine Tesori; Lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire

“KPOP,” music and lyrics: Helen Park and Max Vernon

“Shucked,” music and lyrics by: Shane McConally and Brandi Clark

“Some Like It Hot,” Music and Lyrics: Marc Shaiman and Scott Whitman

Steven Hoggett, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Casey Nicholau, “Some Like It Hot”

Susan Stroman, “New York, New York”

Jennifer Weber, “& Juliet”

Jennifer Weber, “KPOP”

John Clancy, “Kimberly Akimbo”

Jason Howland, “Shocked”

Charlie Rosen and Brian Carter, “Some Like It Hot”

Bill Sherman and Dominic Fallagarro, “& Juliet”

Daryl Waters and Sam Davis, “New York, New York”

Miriam Beuther, “Primary Vision”

Tim Hadley and Andrej Goulding, “Life of Pi”

Rachel Hawk, “Good Night, Oscar”

Richard Hudson, “Leopoldstadt”

Dan Loughrey and Lucy MacKinnon, “A Christmas Carol”

Beowulf Borritt, “New York, New York”

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Mimi Lien, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Scott Bask, “Shocked”

Scott Bask, “Some Like It Hot”

Michael Yeargan and 59 Productions, “Camelot”

Tim Hadley, Nick Barnes and Finn Caldwell, “Life of Pi”

Dominic Van Hill, “Fat Ham”

Brigitte Riefensudel, “Leopoldstadt”

Emilio Sosa, “Ain’t No Mo'”

Emilio Sosa, “Good Night, Oscar”

Greg Barnes, “Some Like It Hot”

Susan Hilferty, “Parade”

Jennifer Moller, “Camelot”

Clint Ramos and Sophia Choi, “KPOP”

Paloma Young, “& Juliet”

Donna Chakowska, “New York, New York”

Jonathan Deans and Taylor Williams, “Ain’t No Mo'”

Caroline Downing, “Life of Pi”

Joshua D. Reed, “A Christmas Carol”

Ben and Max Ringham, “A Doll’s House”

Ben and Max Ringham, “Prima Facie”

Guy Harada, “New York, New York”

John Shivers, “Shocked”

Scott Lehrer and Alex Newman, “Into the Woods”

Gareth Owen, “& Juliet”

Nevin Steinberg, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

Neil Austin, “Leopoldstadt”

Natasha Sivers, “Main Face”

John Clarke, “A Doll’s House”

Bradley King, “Fat Ham”

Tim Ludkin, “Life of Pi”

Jen Shriver, “Death of a Salesman”

Ben Stanton, “A Christmas Carol”

Ken Billington, “New York, New York”

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