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18 February 2020

Lionel Messi plastic bag shirt: 5-year-old Afghan boy inspires messi to meet him

Messi Meets Afghan Boy who wears plastic bag jersey

 Murtaza Ahmad, a 5-year-old Afghan boy according to his father is a die-hard fan of Lionel Messi. His dream to wear a Messi 10 shirt could not be fulfilled as the kid lives in a war-torn remote region of Ghazni in Afghanistan. He found a plastic bag with sky blue and white stripes resembling the Argentinean national team jersey. He took the used plastic bag to his brothers so that they can make him a Messi shirt out of it. 

The picture of the boy wearing plastic bag with hand-written Messi's name and the number 10 went viral on social media. The photo was initially shared in Turkey claiming that it was of an Iraqi kid. However,  it turned out to be a kid from Afghanistan. 

According to reports Messi had shown interest in tracking down the boy so that he could do something. 

As the kid has been identified, Fox News via EFE reported that Murtaza Ahmad finally will meet his Idol. He might not have to wear any plastic bag shirt ever.
"The management of the Afghan Football Federation (AFF) has received e-mails from Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona regarding the meeting," the federation's spokesman, Syed Ali Kazemi, told EFE.

The Official website of AFF published a statement regarding Murtaza Ahmad saying that it was their responsibility to make the arrangement. 

"Afghanistan Football Federation considers it as its responsibility to pave the way and provide the ground for Messi’s meeting with Murtaza. Afghanistan Football Federation has contacted with Lionel Messi, the world football star, and it will soon arrange Messi’s meeting with Murtaza."

The brothers of Murtaza, who follow Real Madrid's icon Cristiano Ronaldo. They might change their mind if Murtaza finally meets his idol. 

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